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Brian Smith - Manchester, New Hampshire

Big Man Run XVII - 2012

July 21, 2013

Trinity grad to return to Manchester for ‘Fun Run’

MANCHESTER -- BRIAN SMITH joined his family and friends at Lake Winnipesaukee this past weekend, as he has for years, but the 6-foot former marathoner now has to watch from shore when everyone else boards the boats to go out on the lake.

The 1983 Trinity High School graduate, who played football and rugby and worked as a construction equipment broker, was always in the midst of the action.

Until last Aug. 18, when he took one last dive off the boat and broke his neck.

Smith’s brother-in-law, Manchester Fire Department Lt. Glenn Jette, said no one noticed Smith go off the boat and he could have drowned.


“It’s a miracle,” said Jette, that somehow Smith was able to make it to the side of the boat. But Smith didn’t look good, so Jette asked: “Are you OK? Do you want some help?”

Smith’s brother, Daren, and a half-dozen others in the group with medical or EMT experience began working on him. The Moultonborough rescue squad neck-braced and back-boarded him for the helicopter flight to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center. Smith survived.

The 48-year-old is considered a quadriplegic, with paralysis of arms and legs. He now lives in Arlington, Mass., in an apartment that is wheelchair accessible. A personal care attendant comes in daily to help.

But the man who ran seven Boston Marathons — five to raise money for the Jimmy Fund to benefit children with cancer — isn’t willing to settle. He’s determined to continue improving. He intends to get back on his feet.

Smith will be in Manchester for a special race this Aug. 18, exactly a year after his accident, when his friends hold a “Fun Run” to help with his progress.

Organized by Kevin Comerford, a friend since high school at Trinity, the 2.7-mile walk/run around Derryfield Park, is a chance to support Smith and his continuing efforts to regain mobility.

After three months in an induced coma and many more months of physical and occupational therapy, Smith believes he can make more progress toward independence.

“I’m moving my foot a little bit,” he said. He has some feeling in his hands, too.
Smith has been doing rehab with victims from the Boston Marathon bombing.

“Spaulding Rehab in Boston asked me to be a spinal cord injury mentor to patients at the hospital, which I gladly accepted,” he said.

But he is now focused on getting therapy at a nonprofit organization called Journey Forward in Canton, Mass. The program is not covered by insurance, but Smith said it is his best chance of continuing to improve mobility.

Instead of helping him adjust to life in a chair, he said, the goal at Journey Forward is to help him get out of it. Hand cycles and stand-up frames, electrical stimulation and other techniques are part of the program.

“It’s all about keeping the bone density up,” said the man who once ran as what he called a “Clydesdale,” a running category for big, bulky guys.

Daren Smith said his big brother was always a runner, trying to stay in shape. “That day ... of the injury, he ran up a big hill,” said Daren Smith.
The Aug. 18 event is planned as more than just a run/walk benefit for “Bubba.” It’s meant to be a social event as well. Everyone is invited to return to the school afterward to enjoy music, food and other refreshments, including beverages that can be brought by those taking part in the event.

The first 200 runners to register will receive a T-shirt. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. at Trinity HIgh School, 581 Bridge St., and the race begins promptly at 9 a.m., rain or shine. The route starts and finishes at the Bridge Street entrance to Derryfield Park, across from Trinity, and loops around to Belmont Street and back, a total of 2.7 miles.

The requested donation is $30, with checks made payable to the “Brian Smith Friendship Fund.”


 "Where Are They Now" Clydesdale of the Times!!


You could debate all day long who "The Man" is and maybe we will some day...Big Men spend less time talkin' about this crap since they would rather spend the time chasin' the ladies and drinking beer but it does go without question that Ron Cavage is in the top 5 nationally and if you got ole Papa Clyde a slice of pizza and a cold Smithwicks some day you might get him to say when no one is lookin and a tape recorder isn't in front of him that the self dubbed "Clydesdale King" on a good day could whup anyone and I mean anyone within the World of Clydism...he's won races outright with good competition like the Eastham 5 Miler back in the early mid 90's....he's won Big Man Run II when it wasn't the novelty that it has become and knowing him like I do, I'll have 30 other accomplishments in my "in-box" by the end of the day and they will get posted!!

"Savage Cavage" as some like to call him cause he can cut a man up with his literary pen like no other, has run the Pittsburgh Marathon in a time of 2:32 at a time when he may not have qualified for Clydesdale status but when he did he still brought that incredible speed with him as he moved up within the clydie divisions - Roberto Duran never brought the "Hands of Stone" with him when he moved up...the "Clydesdale King" did!!!

Ronald is in semi-retirement these days..the stock market, wild women, cold Tecates, 50ism and many miles have eased the winning desire's yet he still ventures East once a year to hang with the "Boys of Summer" at the annual right of passage for all up and coming Clydies...the "Big Man Run"


Ken Yanowski - note the original Clydesdale Runners Association race tank

Ken has been involved in the Clydesdale scene longer than any cat out there..before there was a
Methuselah, Metamusil or Busch Beer were available!! Yes folks a long time!!

Mr. Yanowski as they call him in Bremond, Texas has been at the forefront of the Clydesdale Movement since
it's begining in the early 80's when Joe Law started it all being an early member of the Clydesdale Runners Association
and now USA Clydesdale & Filly Racing Federation

He has undoubtedly been the best C190-210 ever, ruling the division with iron legs for 20+ years..a record
better than Joe Louis, Larry Holmes, Sugar Ray Robinson or Cassius Clay could have ever imagined!!!

He is the only man to have run two of the greatest Clydie races ever - Hubba Bubba & Big Man Run, winning the
Hubba Bubba back in the 80's and placing high at Big Man Run IX & X..always taking on cats 10-20 years younger than he!!!

Ken is still active with the Terlingua Track Club and even tho age has shaved a second or two off of his best times..he still
trains as if he was 20 years old and he can still win the race!!



Full-Time Fall River, Massachusetts Police Officer, Husband, Dad and
Part-Time Clydesdale -
Bruce Tavares of Somerset, Massachusetts is
still pretty active but he is often found at a road race honoring the police
and he stays close to Full-Time Husbands & Dad's should!!!

Bruce is the former Race Director of the Officer Thomas Guinta 5Km held each year in Fall River...but he is still very
passionate about it and it is a race that ole Papa Clyde highly recommends!!! Above, Bruce finds himself hanging out with another area
Big Man...Famed Boston Red Sox pitcher Luis Tiant!!

Louieeee, Brucieee, Louieeee, Brucieeeee!!

You have to have high respect for a lad who races every race like it was the last one and still has loads of time to be a
Full-Time Husband & Dad as well be able to enjoy life to the max like he evidently is up above:>)



Glenn O'Connor of Milford, Massachusetts via Watertown, Massachusetts and lastly Arlington, Massachusetts
before his mother kicked him out and it was time to move in with his future wife Kim.

Glenn is an original "Founding Father" of the World Famous "Big Man Run" seen
above racing in his last Big Man Run in 2003

Another Clydesdale aka Batchelor around town has fallen to the joys of family & husbandhood and with a new home
in the "burbs" - he now races sporadically which is a long ways away from when he was active on the racing scene daily...
Glenn O'Connor is our new "Where Are They Now" Clydesdale's

2005 New Charles River Run 5Km

1998 Bonnell Ford 5 Miler (PC even ran this one)
1998 Powderhouse Pub 4 Miler (PC even ran this one)
1998 Khoury's Summer Steamer

1998 Bridge of Flowers (this race sucked)
1998 Cape Ann 25Km

1996 North Cambridge 5Km Classic


rasna-052.jpg  (77.9 Kb)

Derek Mess of Cambridge, Massachusetts and one of the original Founding
Fathers of the World Famous "Big Man Run" seen above in a very rare racing pic
at last years
Ras na hEireann U.S.A. 5Km in Somerville, Massachusetts!!

Derek was unbeatable in his day and I mean unbeatable in his division!!

1996 - Big Man Run I
1997 - Big Man Run II
1997 - Khoury's Summer Steamer
2004 - Ras na hEireann U.S.A.

Injuries, Family Commitments, Injuries have slowed him down a wee bit and he
no longer hits the circuit like he used to but he is fondly remembered over at USACFRF Command
Headquarters and this months "Where Are They Now" spotlight is on the man "Derek Mess"

utop Mt. Triumph




Rich Saxby of Baldwinville, New York

A Clydes's kinda Clyde....a guy you would want watchin' your back...during trouble but
never in a road race cause he surely would overcome you if you gave an inch....heart of gold,
steel determination and the friendliness associated with those who live in a rural setting!!

Rich is our "Where Are They Now" Clydesdale of the home Rich..

Rich Saxby on Biography Channel tonight:>)



Jodi-lyn Couture of Leominster, Massachusetts


Jodi-lyn Couture was in a class of her own when it came to the ladies....she was unbeatable at the long distance races,
most particular the marathon and any local marathon that had the filly divisions..and she not only dominated the marathon and other long
distance races but she also could hold her own in a short distance race like the Dee Zuccaro 5Km in Somerville, Massachusetts!!
Jodi-lyn Couture is pictured above receiving her Filly 140+ Open & OVERALL WOMEN'S winner bouquet at the 1999 Dee Zuccaro 5Km:>)

Jodi-lyn has not been heard from since 2000 and it has been said that she has hung up her racing sneaks
and is hiding out in Central Massachusetts and retired from competitive running.



Vinnie Kotwoski - 1998 Big Man Run III Winner

Vinnie as he was known to the lads and Vince to the lasses was the "Jim Rice"
of his time as he ruled the New England Clydesdale scene for but a brief shining moment !!
Vinnie was the 1st true Multi-Sport Superstar in New England to hang his hat with USACFRRF